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This 31 page Ebook will help you to uncover all of the secrets of how I went from £0 - £100k in just over a year, at just 21!

I know how it feels to be at point 0 and desire to be at 6 figures… I made many mistakes along the way, which is why I created this Ebook so you don't have to🙏🏽 YOU get the FAST TRACK!🙊

The Ebook is specifically created to help YOU hit your first 6 figure year and to help you to scale your business to the next level,!🤩

Topics include:
✨ How to identify your dream clients & break into their industry

✨ Retaining loyal clients

✨ Social media

✨ YOU are your power

✨ How to avoid burnout

✨ Networking

✨ How to price yourself

✨ Mindset


This Ebook is perfect for any service based business who markets online





Refusal to comply with the below will result in appropriate action in accordance to copyright law. Please read carefully.

This Ebook is for the benefit and use of the individual who has purchased it only, you do not have permission to share or forward any parts to anyone, including: team members, friends, employees or any other persons, no matter the relation.

You may share only the front cover on social media.

All words and content is property of Sophia Luisa Marketing Ltd and are subject to copyright laws. On downloading and reading this Ebook, you are responsible for keeping all information private and for your own use only.

Any violation of this disclaimer, including information shared on social media, will be responded with appropriate action by copyright infringement.

The information in this guide is exclusively for the individual who purchased from Sophia Luisa Marketing Ltd only.

Zero To £100k - The Ebook

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