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Learn My Strategies to Book More Clients in Your Beauty/Aesthetics Business, Through Instagram

Learn how to become fully booked in your Aesthetics business through my tried and tested Instagram strategies that I use for myself and my clients, so you can easily rinse and repeat them week in week out

This is for you if…

❌ You’re trying every new technique under the sun with your Instagram, but you’re still not seeing the engagement you crave


❌ You’re sick of posting the same old content and not getting any DMs that say “book me in, girl!”

❌ You’re tired of looking at everybody else's profiles, wondering why you’re not getting the same results as them

I know how it feels to be sick of following advice from social media experts and being overwhelmed, not knowing what actually works for you. 


I know how it feels to put so much work into your socials and not get the results you want.


 I was there too, my clients were there too. This is exactly why I created The Booked Out Bundle, to make a change. There’s nothing that currently exists to help you with all of this, in the beauty/aesthetics industry.


There’s a gap between the position you’re currently in and being able to invest into a social media manager. So I’m here to help bridge the gap.

If you’re ready to learn…

✅ How to create killer content that actually turns your followers into clients

✅ How to set your profile up so you’re at the top of that search bar, instead of your competitors

✅ How to hook your audience in through your content to stop the scroll and increase your engagement 

How to become fully booked through a story strategy that you can easily rise and repeat 


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