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When booking in for a Branding Package, you will receive one brand proposal and four minor changes are included. This includes things such as fonts, background & placement of items. Any changes after the four will incur an amendment fee of £20 per change.

If you decide to change your whole brief after being sent the proposal, this will then be considered as a new logo and there will be a charge to cover the time spent designing new variations, charge dependent on design.

When booking in for a Just a Logo Package, you will receive up to three variations of your logo as per the brief you have supplied. Four minor changes are included. This includes things such as fonts, background & placement of items. Any changes after the four will incur an amendment fee, dependent on the change.


If you decide to change your whole brief after being sent the three variations, this will then be considered as a new logo and there will be a charge of £100 to cover the time spent designing new variations.


Please note, we do not create custom illustrations (drawings). It is your responsibility to communicate the type of design you would like prior to booking.


Other Designs

For all other designs, such as flyers, price lists and business cards, you will receive up to two variations as per your brief. You are allowed up to two changes on these designs, including fonts, background & placement of items before there is an amendment fee of £10 per change.



Once the remaining balance has been paid, this means the designs have been signed off by yourself and any changes from this point will incur an amendment fee, dependent on the design.


Turnaround time for changes will be dependent on the amount of changes and co-operation from yourself. Any changes communicated outside of our working hours/days will be picked up when we return to the office (e.g. if you respond to changes at 7pm on a Friday evening, these changes will be picked up from 9am the following Monday morning).


Messages will be responded to Monday-Friday; however, design days are Thursday’s and Friday’s only. No design work will be carried out on other days of the week, unless stated otherwise. Therefore, any changes communicated to us on a Monday, will be made on the Thursday.


Stock Photos

Stock photos (e.g. flower icons) may be used on designs if requested by yourself. These are all fully licensed, however the same or similar icons/photos may be used on other designs.


Deposits & Slot Dates

No slots are secure without full payment. All UK payments are taken via bank transfer only and international payments via CashApp only. Designs will start on the date you were given upon booking. Please allow up to five working days after your given date for the initial designs to be sent, unless stated otherwise. Please also note that our working days are weekdays only and we are out of office from Friday afternoons - Monday mornings, as well as Bank Holidays. Design days are Thursdays and Fridays only, unless stated otherwise.


If for any reason you need to change your slot, please let us know at least 48 hours before your start date. If you need to change after this time, there may be a delay fee (dependent on design).


Refund Policy

We do not offer any refunds once payment has been made. If you wish to terminate the contract and end the process mid-way, unfortunately no refunds will be given, as we operate a strict no refund policy.



A full brief will be required before any designs can start. This will need to be supplied no later than 48 hours before your start date. All required info will be communicated to you upon booking. If the brief is not supplied in time for your start date, there may be delays in receiving your designs and a delay fee may be incurred, dependent on design.


Copy Writing

All copy writing for any material must be supplied in copy and paste format, NOT as a photo. It is up to you to ensure all your spelling and grammar is correct. It is your responsibility to proofread the designs before they are sent to print/before they are signed off (a proof copy will be sent to you prior to printing/signing off). Please note, after all designs are paid for and sent, any changes will incur an amendment fee which is dependent on the change. Once designs have gone to print, they cannot be changed, and new copies would have to be purchased on your part.



Please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response. Sometimes we experience a high volume of messages and so the wait times may be longer. We respond to all messages in due course – from bottom to top. Please note, messages are not usually responded to on weekends, Bank Holiday’s, Public Holiday’s, or out of our working hours from 9am-5pm.


Transferring Files

Larger files may be sent via to you a company called WeTransfer who will provide you with a download link to your files sent to your email address. The transfer link is only valid for 7 days, it is your responsibility to download and save all files before the link expires.


Holding Designs

We only hold designs for a limited amount of time. If we have not heard back from you within 14 days, all designs will be archived, your deposit will be lost, and the process will be terminated.



Please note that sometimes colour shades may ever so slightly differ when printed on different paper types/different finishes (e.g. matte, gloss). We recommend viewing PDF proofs on a laptop/computer as this is the most reliable way to view the true nature of the colour shade. This is because PDF’s are set up for print meaning they are made to be viewed on laptops/computers, not phones or tablets/iPads. If you do not have access to a laptop or computer, please let us know and we will send the proofs as JPEG images instead, suitable for proof via a smartphone/tablet.



Once you have received your tracking/delivery information, the parcel becomes your responsibility and is out of our hands. We use a range of courier services, our main ones being Royal Mail and DPD. Please bare in mind we cannot accept liability for our couriers delaying, misplacing, losing or damaging parcels, it is your responsibility to contact the courier if you have any queries or concerns regarding your parcel once it has left our company. All parcels are sent standard, non-tracked. If you would like your parcel sent tracked with full insurance to be compensated by the courier company, if your parcel is damaged or lost, this can arranged for an additional fee dependent on the value and weight.


Our Staff

Under no circumstances will any of our staff or designers be subject to rude, abusive or slanderous comments. If this occurs, the design process will be terminated with no refunds given.


Additional Information

Please note, we may use final designs as promotional and marketing posts for Sophia Luisa Ltd. All designs are owned by Sophia Luisa Ltd – you or a third party cannot edit over our designs.


By making payment and placing an order with us you agreeing to all the above terms. We cannot accept responsibility for you not reading the above terms and conditions.


Sophia Luisa Ltd is a registered limited company.

Registered number: 14706999.

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